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    OOP Theory Question

    Ok, well i am rebuilding a big project of mine, not big in complicated terms, just big in the amount of code. And well, big everything for me

    Although i am coding in C# for this project, i felt the C++ board is more active and since this is a none language oriented question i went here.

    I have some OOP Questions though. I learned C++ from Books, and C# was just a sidestep as it feels like the same thing .. all be its dummed down and whatnot, but from those books i never really learned how to properly apply OOP Theory to basic Timeline coding. That is, if you wanted, the code could just as easily be completed in one long ass page, top, to, bottom.

    As said, i am redoing a project because it had started to become cluttered and "unmanaged", not unmanagable, just annoying to manage. I felt as if all i was doing by adding Classes and Objects was coding in a "timeline" persay, but just breaking that timeline into groups. To put it in a different manner, my code could have EASILY been converted to basically all Static methods. Which means that OOP is not being applied correct?

    But again, when talking in terms of simple timeline reactions, i dont know how to look at it and divide the code into manageable OOP theory.

    So, with all that said, can anyone suggest anything thats not a book? I mean books are great, but i cant go pick one up now and i dont wanna wait 2 weeks before i can make the journey to town and grab one. I'm hoping there are good examples of how OOP can be applied to more simplistic things.

    Thanks to any comments!
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    OOP == good
    • "Problem Solving C++, The Object of Programming" -Walter Savitch
    • "Data Structures and Other Objects using C++" -Walter Savitch
    • "Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers" -Kip Irvine
    • "Programming Windows, 5th edition" -Charles Petzold
    • "Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example" -John E. Swanke
    • "Network Programming Windows" -Jones/Ohlund
    • "Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" -Michael Morrison
    • "Mathmatics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics" -Eric Lengyel

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    C# is based on component oriented programming, but doing OOP in it is fine I guess.

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