Thread: Microsoft Visual C++ & <curses.h>

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    Microsoft Visual C++ & <curses.h>


    I am working on my PhD project and have came across the following problem and I just need a little advice.

    I am writing (modifying if I tell the truth) a genetic algorithm code in C++. The code was originally designed to run on a UNIX machine, and I need it to be compatible to run on a windows based machine, hence why I am using Visual C++.

    On downloading the files from the UNIX machine to my windows machine I thought everything had gone well, but when I tried to run the main program, I recieved an error message saying:

    fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: "curses.h": No such file or directory.

    I know curses.h is a UNIXlibrary of functions for controlling a terminals video display screen from the C program but is there a header file analagous to it in Windows based programming or is it possible for me to download this header file and use it that way?


    Alan Homer

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    Hello Alan,
    If you want your program to output text to a console type environment, iostream.h comes with a lot of useful functions for input/output. Other than that, you will have to say what you want it to do, unless someone else is familiar with curses.h.
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