I dont know, how to implementate a registration script

"hInstance needs to be the module / instance handle
of the module that contains your server registration
script (resource ID 102) .." written from the NDI support
to me.

the server registration script is importand to
register my OPC Server.


HRESULT RegisterServer(void)

Return Values S_OK upon success, otherwise the result code
returned from the ATL registrar component.

The success of this operation is dependent on the application
including a registry script resource as part of its EXE.
The resource ID MUST be 102. An example resource script
is shown below:

  NDI.SimulationSvr.1 = s 'NDI Simulation Server' 
  { CLSID = s '{1E52DE00-FA5E-11d2-91C6-F8E932000000}'

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