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    Question collection of heterogeneous colletion

    Hi, i'm newbie in C++ and I've been trying to do what the title of this thread said but i don't get it :s, I'm trying to do a table something like that:

    | field1 | field2 | field3 | field5 |
    | (int) | (float) | (char) | (double) |
    | (int) | (float) | (char) | (double) |
    | (int) | (float) | (char) | (double) |

    where the table isn't static i mean the number of fields are variable (field1, field2...fieldn) and the number of values of every field are either variable of fixed..

    To implement that I thought in a vector of vectors :s.. I made a class(named Fields) where a member is for its name and a vector for its values..
    And I made another class for contain those fields (named Table), which has, among other members, a vector of Field's..

    The problem is that I made the class Fields as template class in order to be able to have a vector of values of any type (as can see above in the table)..
    But in the Table class I cannot just declare something like ... "vector<Fields> fields" because I have an error, so I have to type: "vector< Fields<type > >" so I have to declare Table class as template class too, in order I to be able to put in it: "vector< Fields<T> > fields"... but the real problem is when I want to use them.. for explample, if I want to declare a new table I need to do something like: "Table<type> table;" but the problem is that I cannot put a type because the Table must contain diferent data types...

    So I hope you can understand me :s.. If so, I hope someone can help me.. Thanks in advanced
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    you can use a vector of vectors, but the innermost vector should probably be a union, not a template
    struct udata
       int type; // type of data storedhere
             char cdata;
             int    idata;
             double ddata;
    typedef vector<udata> COLUMNS;
    vector<COLUMNS> rows;

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    Keep using your templates, just hide the implementation of Fields behind another class so that Fields is not templated but its inner implementation class is.

    I believe the implementation of Boost::any is an example of this. Of course, you might just be able to make Fields hold Boost::any objects.

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