Thread: pointer to main thread from worker thread?

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    pointer to main thread from worker thread?

    I create an MFC application in .net

    which create the appclass, and the dlg class
    i then create a generic thread class so i can spawn thread easily.
    in the dlg class, i have the thread create and start there. I cant seem to figure a way to have the worker thread access data (dlg value stuff or variable i create in the dlg class)

    is it possible to pass a pointer to the worker thread and cast it to become a pointer for the dlg class?

    sample please

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    Yes, that's possible. But it's a syncronisation nightmare. If you want to pass read only variables, use a struct and pass it as your parameter of the thread function. If you need feedback ( for example progress messages ) pass the window handle and PostMessage messages to this handle.

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    pass a pointer of the dlg class to the worker class via a setter or constructor. Maybe have a generic "parent window" pointer as a member of the generic thread class. There are many ways to do it. Just make sure you use critical sections when modifying and accessing the data.

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