Thread: Technical filestream question.

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    Technical filestream question.

    I've been using both c and c++ for some time but there is one thing that I really don't understand very well.
    It's the technical difference between FILE* and, let's say ifstream. I understand FILE* is a pointer and that ifstream is part of some class but I don't really understand what really happens in the different ways of working
    with files. If anyone could take some time and explain this I would be grateful.

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    FILE is C's struct implementation and ifstream is C++'s class. They both do pretty much the same thing, However, C++'s version of it is more enclosed or object oriented. Everything that has to do with file operations is managed in that class, nowhere else. Unlike C's implentation, fopen is in essence, a "global" function. The only difference is the conversion that took place to turn C's messy FILE, to C++'s ifstream.
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    Thanks, that makes it a little easier to understand.

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