Thread: MSMQ programming and c++

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    MSMQ programming and c++

    Does anyone know of a good reference for beginning programming with MSMQ online? I am developing a project for work that has a web-interface (written by someone else) and they have chosen to pass commands to my processing programming using a priority message queue. I'm completly unfamiliar with this area of programming so the more basic the reference, the better.


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    I never found a good reference when I had to do it back in 2000, I ended up just using the MSDN docs to learn the COM API for it. If you don't know COM then you are in trouble, so start looking for tutorials on COM. Unfortunately, I had to interact with it in java, so I had to write a JNDI interface for it through java, which was a pain in the neck because there were memory leaks after it ran for a week straight, and we were never able to find the cause, we pretty much decided it was the fault of JNDI, it was the easier thing to blame!

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