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    How to ignore lines of code based on user input

    I am only a beginner C++ programmer.
    In my college class, I am suppose to write a program that calculates the fee of a group of passengers aboard a ferry.

    There is one piece of code.

    string reply;
    cout << "Are you driving a vehicle onto the ferry?" endl;
    cout << "Please anser 'y' or 'n': ";
    cin >> reply;

    and later on another...

    string reply;
    cout << "Is your vehicle over 7 feet 6 inches in height?" endl;
    cout << "Please anser y or n: ";
    cin >> reply;

    cout << "What is the length of your vehicle in feet: ";
    cin >> vehicleLength;

    Using if/else statements preferrably, but if you have another way please tell me, how do you make the program ignore the last two lines of code if the reply in the first is 'n'?
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    if(reply == 'n') {
        // ...

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    What is wrong with this code?

    I wrote the following...

    cout << "What is the length of your vehicle in feet: ";
    cin >> vehicleLength;
    if ( vehicleLength >= 30 ) { vehicleFee = 173.00; }
    else if ( vehicleLength < 30 ) { vehicleFee = 65.00; }
    else if ( vehicleLength >= 40)
            cout << "Vehicles forty or more feet in length are prohibited." << endl;
            return 0;
    and got the following error message.

    84 J:\CS 161\Assignment 3.cpp expected `}' at end of input

    I can't see anything wrong with this code.

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    threads merged. Please keep all questions regarding the same issue to one thread

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    my guess is that there's probably a missing brace somewhere outside the code you just posted, since what you just posted wouldn't give you that error. maybe at the end of your main() function? first you should check your code and make sure you have all your braces lined up. if you can't find a problem, then post the whole thing and we can help you more easily
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    I figured it out!
    The only closing curly braket there was for the subroutine. I needed another for the function as a whole.

    BTW: dwks, what you posted didn't work, or maybe I just didn't understand what you were saying.
    Put commented code inside the curly brackets? That didn't make any sense to me. That it didnt work proves it.
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    Never mind that Dwks.
    I just fixed it by putting all the questions about the vehicle into an else statement.

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