Thread: Error: Invalid Conversion `bool' to `list_node*'

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    Error: Invalid Conversion `bool' to `list_node*'

    main.cpp:83: error: invalid conversion from `bool' to `list_node*'
    main.cpp:83: error: initializing argument 1 of `void write_list(list_node*)'

    I can't seem to fix this error

         // equal
         cout << "Enter two lists for equal: ";
         p = read_list();
         q = read_list();
         write_list( equal(p, q) );

    bool equal(list p, list q)
       if (is_null(p) && is_null(q)) return true;
       if (is_null(p) || is_null(q)) return false;
       if (atom(car(p)) != atom(car(q))) return false;
       if (atom(car(p)))
       return eq(car(p), car(q)) && equal(cdr(p), cdr(q));
       return (equal(car(p), car(q)) && equal(cdr(p), cdr(q)));

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    write_list( equal(p, q) );
    write_list() probably expects a 'list_node*', and you're passing it a bool (since that's what equal returns).

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