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    Hey, my problem is that i have a function to make with the declaration as such:

    int cleanest(Vector<List<int> >);

    it is a functoin that looks through a vector of linked lists and returns the subscript address ( [ ] ) of the cleanest element in the Vector by adding up all of the items in the list of the vector.

    Its confusing me quite a bit and im not exactly sure how to do it. You have to look through it a random number of times between 1 and 5. Here is what i have so far for the code (not too much).

    int cleanest(Vector<List<int> > Dishmachine)
    for (int l = 0; l < (rand()%5+1); l++)

    return cleanest;

    If you can help me with my problem that would be greatly appreciated, cause its giving me a lot of problems.
    Thanks ALot.

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    I have not the faintest idea what it is you are trying to do! What is the "cleanest" and why the need for randoms?
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