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    Remove " character

    How would I remove the " character from a string. The only way in which I know how to remove a character is by putting it within "s. like
    string stripPBreaks(string s) {
      int br;
      while((br = s.find("<P>")) != string::npos)
        s.erase(br, strlen("<P>"));
      while((br = s.find("</P>")) != string::npos)
        s.erase(br, strlen("</P>"));
      return s;

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    Figured it out. Need to put \ before it. Tried putting in ' ' but that gave me an error.

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    \ is known as an escape character. So a \ followed by various characters lets you insert things into strings you normally can't e.g. \n is a new line, \" is a quotation mark, etc. If you google you should be able to find a list of them fairly easily.

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