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    Another Homework Question

    I have a homework problem that I am not sure about. It deals with how input is read. The problem is:

    If input data are entered as follows
    10 20
    30 40
    50 60
    70 80

    and the input statements that read it are

    cin >> a >> b >> c;
    cin >> d >> e >> f;
    cin >> a >> b;

    What are the contents of the variables a,b,c,d,e, and f after the statements have executed.

    I believe the answer is:

    But what I don't understand is when will the values 70 and 80 be read? would there have to be an "g" and "h"?



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    You can modify a variable after the first time you set its value, so it's possible for a variable's value to change. Just follow the code step by step, updating the values of a-f each time something changes. When you are done going through the code, you'll have the answer.

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    The operator>>() is defined to read numbers sequentially. After it reads in a number, it marks where it stopped reading. If you use the operator>>() again, it begins where it left off.

    If you do this:
    int num = 10;
    num = 20;
    What does num equal?

    Using the code:
    is just like assigning a value to the variable: you are directing Mr. C++ to read in a value from the keyboard(cin) and store it in the variable.
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    Well what does the word variable mean: it means change. So theres no reason why a and b change change again. Also try compiling that code and put cout<< a etc afta each cin to what the variables hold.
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