Thread: directory navagation with a c++ program

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    directory navagation with a c++ program

    Hi All,

    Im wondering how to tell c to read files in a specific location and also to write data to a specific location.

    for example, the following block opens "gd_2.jpg" from the dir that my program is executed in.
    	in3 = fopen("gd_2.jpg", "rb");
    The program is run by a browser that points to the exe in a webserver's cgi-bin dir. How can I change the line to tell the program to look for gd_2.jpg in the htdocs folder. My dir structure looks like:

    c:/~ etc etc ~/apache/cgi-bin

    c:/~ etc etc ~/apache/htdocs

    Also, how would I modify the following to output into the htdocs dir when the program is run from cgi-bin
    	FILE *OUT;
    	OUT = fopen("myanim.gif", "wb");
    	putc(';', OUT);
    Many Thanks
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