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    Need help getting started

    Hi, I posted a message in the game programming section. But Im a little bit confused, so my prob is probably more suited for this section.

    Im trying to get started in C++ programming. But im a little mixed up with what compiler to choose. I started trying to follow the C++ tutorial in the FAQ section (the 21 days one.) I've encountered a problem, as the code examples from that tutorial will not work in Dev C++. The 'cout' function has different closing tags (or whatever you call em). As a beginner, im not sure which compiler is more or less, the most "compatible" (aka, the IE of compilers.) I don't want to get any bad habits into my head from a compiler I may not use in the future.
    Well any suggestions or opinions on different compilers would be much appreciated, thanks for takin the time, hope I can get learning.

    Oh ya, im stuck with windows 95 OS for now (although I may buy my own cheap system in the coming months.)


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    I think I can help! I had the same problem. Do NOT use djgpp if ur a begginer. Why? djgpp screws up the C++ language and adds more crap to it and makes it more confusing. Dev-C++ is VERY slow (ughhh. i hate it). I'm using Digital Mars now.
    {If you have questions in getting started, ask ME. I'm not a guru so don't ask me C++ junk.

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    If you'd really like to stick with C/C++ programming I'd go out and pick up Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. If your a college student you can get it for a good deal at the campus bookstore.

    Oh and I'd also registar for these forums. You'll be asking alot of questions


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    Thanks guys.

    How much can I expect to pay for MSVC++ anyway? alot or alittle? If it's not priced like an OS I might buy it right off the bat, otherwise maybe not.

    Im not in college yet but Im registered. I may take a C++ course to sharpen up my computer skills, and an art course to help get my imagination stiring, as I want to get into Digital arts. But I also want to know programming, and see if im able to persue a career in the gaming market. The only prob is the college seems pretty anal on people wanting to take courses just for the hell of it (the place is gettting pretty packed.) I'll probably be learning the "do's" and "don'ts" of programming from you guys.

    Oh ya, I'll get registered right quik. I just can't think of a cool name. I guess "unregistered" is a little worn out on these boards

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    M$, ughhh. VC++, ughhh. VC++, expensive. Get Borland or Turbo C++ if you're actually gonna purchase a compiler.

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