Thread: Need Help With Naming Output Files!!!

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    Exclamation Need Help With Naming Output Files!!!

    I am writing a file to ask the user to input the name of the file that they want the data to be stored to. For example ...


    I need to use a cout to ask what the file name they want to use is.... but i dont want to make them type in the entire path.. just the "sample" and make it already add the a:\\ and the .txt Is this possible? If so, how do i do it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Yes, of course it's possible You'll need the basic string functions like strlen(), strcpy() or strcat(). (Have a look what the are doin')

    By using these functions you should be able to read in the name for the file and create a string, that will contain the complete path plus the filename.

    Some hints without code:

    1) read filename
    2) lenght of filename?
    3) create empty string with size =

    4 + ("a:\\") + lenght (filename) + 4 (".txt") + 1 "\0"

    4) append the "a:\\"
    5) append the filename
    6) append the ".txt"
    7) append the termination character "\0"

    #include "reallife.h"

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    Or use function sprintf().

    char name[81], filename[81];

    cout << "Enter filename:";
    cin >> name;
    cout << "filename:" << filename << endl;

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