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    Help with simple code

    Hello eveyrone, this is my first time looking at the C++ programming language and I have a question.

    The following code

    for(i=0; i!=4; i++){
    In understand that in this for loop that i starts at 0 and increments by 1 until it is 4, however I am not sure what is going on inside of it.

    does it mean


    Stop (or does it stop at 3??)

    does a[2(2)]=b[2]+2; mean that the value of the 8th element in array a = the value of the second element in array b plus 2?

    Thank you for your help.

    Also I am trying to convert this into MIPS assembly language, does anyone know any good forums to ask for MIPS help??

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    a[2i] is a syntax error. 2i is a gcc extension for complex number literals. Perhaps you mean a[2*i]. And why you would wan tto do that is qutie confusing.

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    >> Stop (or does it stop at 3??)

    It stops at 3.

    Also, array indexes are 0 based, so:

    a[3] = b[2] + 1

    means the 4th element of a is assigned the value of the third element of b plus 1.

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    Did you declare the variables beforehand?

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