Thread: Switching Machines .... creating problems

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    Switching Machines .... creating problems

    Hi All,
    Iíve recently switched computers.
    On my old machine, I had visual c++ installed as well as a lib called 'gd' (online on-the-fly graphics creation).

    On my new computer I have the same setup. However, code that compiled and ran on my old machine wonít compile/run properly on my new machine. I get errors such as: LNK2001: unresolved external symbol.. both computers have WinXP for OSs

    As far as I can tell I have installed everything on the new machine exactly the same as on the old. Iím new to c++ and donít know what to do to fix this. Has anyone experience with the GD library and perhaps have encountered a similar problem? More generally: What can I do to pinpoint differences between my old machine and new one?? (I still have the old one on my desk)

    Any suggestions would help!

    Many Thanks

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    If it is having trouble linking to the the lib, then make sure the Linker settings in the project file are the same. Maybe you need to add the lib to the project settings and/or the directory of the gd library as well.

    Also check the Tools->Options directories if you added the lib directory there.

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