Thread: Dynamic Memory Allocation for fstream (binary)

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    Dynamic Memory Allocation for fstream (binary)


    I am having problem allocating memory to read and write in binary mode.

    The program I am working on reads data from a file and write the data back to a second file. Both process are done through binary.

    I set it to dynamically allocate memory based on the size of the file or size of data. However, I am encountering a weird problem. It seems I can read from any text file and write the same data to a second file. On the other hand, I the program crashes when I read data from binary file such as anything from jpeg to an executable. The program seems to crashs right before the memory allocation. I put a check sign (cout "check") right before and right after the allocation. The program seems to crash there.

    Is there a particular rule that I missed when reading and writing binary files (anything other than text)? Note I save the data from the file to memory through a dynamically allocated variable. Do I need to use a string?


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    You'll have to post some code. Reading and writing in binary should be the same regardless of the type of file.

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    Okay. Thanks.

    I finally figure out the problem. The problem has to do with mathematics, not C++ itself.

    I hear experience programmers say time and time that programming is heavy on mathematics. I got my first-hand experience with this program I am working on. It is done! I am very relieve.

    Thanks everyone.


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