Thread: How do I do this without the pow() function?

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    Unhappy How do I do this without the pow() function?

    First off let say thank you for even taking the time to read this post.

    What I want to do is write a program that evalutes the powers given the base and the exponent without using the pow() function.

    What I decided to do have the base multiplied to it's self x amount of times, x being exponent. It seems easy to do but I can't seem to get it right. Any help appreciated!

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    have a function take the appropriate parameters, set the return value equal to the base, and loop multiply it the number of exponent times...
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    I figured it out right before you posted. Thanks anyway!

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    If you do like float^integer then you can use my method for faster code (between 32 and 64 multiplies for a 32-bit exponent). Here it is:

    float powfl(float b, unsigned long x)
     unsigned long bit = 1;
     float total = 1.f;
     float mult = b;
     for(long c = 0; c < 32; c++)
      if(x & bit)
       total *= mult;
      mult *= mult;
      bit <<= 1;
     return total;
    Did I do it right?
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    if the power factor is not an integer you may use exponents and logarithms to do powers

    1. a = y^x
    2. log(a) = log(y^x)
    3. log(a) = x*log(y)
    4. exp(log(a)) = exp(x*log(y))

    or finaly:

    5. a = exp(x*log(y))

    where log is natural logarithm (with base 'e')


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