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    Homework Help

    I am new to C++ programming, and have this homework where I need to find all the perfect numbers to 1000.

    I have worked on this problem for a while now, and really trying to get it figured out, but I'm doing something wrong. I was wondering if someone could turn my head as to what it is.

    int    testNum = 2; //the number to be tested to see if its perfect - i started it ith 2 since the perfect number must be the sum of all divisors excluding itself.
    	int testDiv; //this sets test divisors to see if it goes into the number
    	int accum = 0; // sums the divisors to see if they equal the test number
    	int counter = 2; // count started at 2 siunce I know that there are none at 1 
    	while( counter < 1000)
    		for (int testDiv = 1; testDiv < testNum; testDiv++)
    			if(testNum % testDiv == 0)
    				accum += testDiv;
    			if (accum == testNum)
    			    cout << testNum << " is a perfect number less
    than 1000." <<endl;
    This is just a snippet of the code in question. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    > int accum = 0;
    Put this inside your while loop

    > if (accum == testNum)
    Move this outside your for loop

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    			    cout << testNum << " is a perfect number less
    than 1000." <<endl;
    And put that all on one line, or it won't compile. Or you can split it:
    cout << "hello world";
    cout << "hello "
    cout << "hello \
    cout << "hello "
        << "world";
    One of those should do.

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