Thread: my comparison isn't working

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    my comparison isn't working

    ok i'm just starting C++ and i did a little program to get if statements down but when i run it i get an error that says "ISO C++ forbids comparison between pointer and integer" and highlights this line:
    if (age >= 18 && localQuestion == "yes") {
    here is my entire code:

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        int age;
        char localQuestion;
        cout << "This program determines if you are eligeble to vote\n";
        cout << "How old are you? ";
        cin >> age;
        cout << "Do you live in the U.S? ";
        cin >> localQuestion;
        if (age >= 18 && localQuestion == "yes") {
                cout << "You can vote\n";
        else {
             cout << "Sorry you can not vote\n";
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    char only hold one character. So all it is getting is the y.
    You can either make it an array
    Or strings
    Or just check to see if it is y:
     if (age >= 18 && localQuestion == 'y')

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    this is the offending bit.....

    localQuestion == "yes"

    You cannot do that in c/c++. firstly localQuestion is only a char. that means it can hold one character. Secondly even if it was a char* c-style string you would need to use strcmp() to compare it with the string "yes".

    Instead. #include<string> and make localQuestion a string not a char then suddenly that bit of code becomes legal.
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    thank you. i used string and got it working

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