Thread: which to prefix with std:: ??

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    which to prefix with std:: ??

    i have read a lot about namespaces and i want to get the good habbit of using "std:: " everywhere in my codes instead of globally declaring "using namespace std; "

    BUT my problem (or confusion) is where and which one to prefix with the "std:: "

    i know that cin, cout, endl need that prefix. And which one else??

    can anyone clear this out please!

    Thnx for ur attention!

    Kind Regards,

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    Anything from the C++ Standard, iostream, vectors, map, fstream, exceptions, etc.

    You already named the big ones, cout, cin, endl. Others include istream, ostream, getline.

    Anything in there, haha.

    I mean if you are trying to use a function, I'm assuming you know where its coming from, and if its coming from any header without a .h, its probably going to need an std::.
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