Thread: Help with Computing Divisors

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    Help with Computing Divisors

    I would like to compute the divisors and prime divisors of a user defined integer using a for loop in a function. Having a hard time deciding if it would be best to do this in a for loop? Any help would be appreciated!

    Heres some review, if you need it...

    A divisor is a number that divides into another number without a remainder. So I guess it would be the opposite of % modulus division...

    A Prime divisor is the same thing, but the divisor must be prime. IE the divisor can only be divided by itself and 1.

    I know the for loop would be something like this for divisors:

    for ( x=1; x<= i; x++ )
          if (  x%i == 0 )
    Dont know what else to put in the If and I dont know how to do that for Prime divisors...Any ideas?
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    Witness the awesome power of the internet (and google).

    Should get ya started.

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    Thanks, that helped a lot...

    By the way, what did you type into google for that to come up? I tried every combination of keywords I could think of and found nothing...
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