Thread: Help with a small equation and loop

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    Help with a small equation and loop

    I need to calculate how much time it will take to pay off a credit card. I'll take any help.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	 float bal,ir,payment,year, newbal,newbal2;
    cout << "Enter credit card Balance" << endl;
    cin >>bal;
    cout <<"Enter Intrest rate" << endl;
    cin >>ir;
    cout << "Enter years:" << endl;
    cin>> year;
    for( newbal =1 ; newbal <=12 ; newbal++)
    // Formula
    payment = ((bal*ir)/year)+10; 
    cout << " Payment each month:"<<  payment<< endl;
    newbal = bal + ir - payment;
    cout << newbal<<endl;
    newbal2 = (newbal-(payment*12)+ir);
    cout << newbal2<< endl;
    cout <<"total amount months to pay of debt " <<newbal2<< endl;
    	return 0;
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    Think about what controls your loop, and what calculates a new balance

    > for( newbal =1 ; newbal <=12 ; newbal++)
    > newbal = bal + ir - payment;
    These are inconsistent.
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    Well, for starters. Your math is wrong.

    newbal = bal + ir - payment;
    Will not calculate the new balance properly.

    Interest rate is a %. 6% of 100 is different that 6% of 1000.

    So, divide you interest rate by one hundred.
    Then the interest acquired is the balance times that interest rate divided by 100.


    5.98765% interest of 123456 dollars.
    5.98765 / 100 = 0.0598765
    123456 + (123456 * 0.0598765) = 130848.11

    Also, you can if you chose to do this:

     newbal2 = (newbal-(payment*12)+ir);
    Is fine, but you do NOT have to have a new variable every time you change something.
    The following is just as valid:

     newbal = (newbal-(payment*12)+ir);
    There are perfectly legit reasons to use the method you are using, I am just letting you know this incase you do not know.

    Ok, now onto your program.
    Play with the math on some paper and pencil and calculator. There is a simpler way of doing this than the method you are trying.

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    Alright, well I figured I need to change the loop, and x the percent by 100 so far. Still working on everything else.

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