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    Help with functions

    Ok. I'm doing this site's tutorial on C++, and I'm on the lesson about functions. I'm trying to do the multiplication example. But it won't work. here's what i have
    //a program to test out this whole idea of functions
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std
    int mult (int x, int y);
    int main()
    	int x;
    	int y;
    	cout << "please input two numbers to be multiplied: ";
    	cin >> x >> y;
    	cout<<"the product of your two numbers "<< mult (x,y) << "\n";
    int mult (int x, int y)
    	return x*y;
    When i copy and paste it in, it works just fine. What am i doing wrong?

    Never mind. I figured out what i was doing wrong. I need to put a ; after namespace std
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    Well this could be one problem:
    Quote Originally Posted by KittyKun
    using namespace std
    You left the semi-colon off, it should be this:
    using namespace std;
    Otherwise it looks pretty good, I will go ahead and compile it now just to make sure.

    Yep, works for me.
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    Missing semicolon after "using namespace std"

    Edit: Beaten
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