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    Book Recommendations...

    I would describe myself as having a pretty solid beginner's understanding of C++.

    I really want to advance my knowledge, and since I was heading into a city that has a few book stores tomorrow (I'm from a really small town) I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

    Perferably books geared towards beginners, but not complete newbs to C++, or what ever you would recommend for my situation.


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    Accelerated C++ (Koenig & Moo) first. Then C++ Coding Standards (Sutter & Alexandrescu) and any of the books it refers to about subjects that confuse or interest you.

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    Normally I would recommend Accelerated C++ to beginners, but since you have experience already you might have already learned the concepts.. making that book not as purposeful as the book I recommend to read after that. Accelerated C++ lays the concepts out nicely, in a unique way, but teaches just that.. the concepts, what int main is, functions, classes, pointers, inheritance, polymorphism, error handling and encaspsulation. If you've covered any one of the last three already (ie. already know what polymorphism is) then I'd recommend getting C++ Primer Plus (ed. 5) because it starts from the beginning, but is backed full of information and is a useful reference.
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    for beginning C++ to relativly advanced i wouldnt reccomend a book its a waste of money covers pretty much everythin u need to know
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    The C++ Standard Library, By Nicolai M. Josuttis. This book completely covers the Standard Template Library. My beginning book didn't cover the STL, so for me it made a good 2nd book. And, it's a good reference to the STL part of the language.

    The C++ Programming Language, by Bjarne Stroustrup. This book is a bit difficult to understand... It seems to be targeted at experienced programmers or computer science students who want to learn C++. I haven't used the book that much, but it's really cool owning the book by the creator of C++!

    Programming Windows, by Charles Petzold.. If you're thingking about Windows programming, take a look at it. Almost every Windows programmer owns a copy.

    Thinking In C++, by Bruce Eckel. This book comes in two volumes. It's really targeted at C programmers who want to learn C++, but it also makes a good 2nd C++ book. You don't have to go to a bookstore... You can download it FREE! Then if you like it enough to buy hard copies, you can order them online.

    You probably won't find it at the bookstore, but you can download PDF copies of The ANSI/ISO C++ Language Standard from ANSI. The C and C++ standards are about $20 each in PDF format. (Hard copies are something like $200 each.)

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    Thanks for all the recommendations guys, but due to lack of planning, I didn't get to read these responses before I purchased a book.

    I am glad that I ended up with one that was atleast recommended, and as such, should atleast be pretty good.

    I purchased C++ Primer Plus 5 edition.

    C+noob: Yeah, I suppose I could have just learnt it off the internet, but I like to have a hard copy in front of me that I can read anywhere and have forever. Plus, in my current situation, a book was necessary.

    Thanks again guys.

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