Thread: use of graphics in windows borland c++

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    use of graphics in windows borland c++

    few years ago when I was using the dos borland (with the blue screen) I used the BGI graphics to program some nice and small games such as popkoren, tetris, snake, etc... I have been away from programing for couple of years and i'm trying to go back to it now, as the request of my university I'm using borland c++ 4.5, I tryed to use the BGI graphics but apperently they are not supported under windows, so I wonder if there is a simple way of drawing lines or pixels in a similar way to the BGI directory because openGL and DirectX are alittle bit too complicated for me ATM.

    Thanks Rami.

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    How about
    The 's' means simple.
    You'll need a new-ish compiler which generates 32-bit code.
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