Thread: Error, not sure what it means.

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    Error, not sure what it means.

    I have a project completed and I am getting an error and I don't know what it means. Here is the code that I think is causing the problem..
    #ifndef Game_H
    #define Game_H
    #include <windows.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include "ConLib.h"
    #include "Player.h"
    enum GameStatus
      GameMainMenu     =1,
      GameRunning      =2,
      GamePaused       =3,
      GameWon          =4,
      GameLostLife     =5,
      GameLost         =6,
      GameExit         =7,
      GameSplashScreen =8
    enum GameDifficulty
      GameEasy         =1,
      GameMedium       =2,
      GameDifficult    =3
    class CGame
                  ConLib *  m_Console;
                  int       m_LastAction;
                  int       m_GameStatus;
                  COORD     m_Arena;
                  CPlayer   m_Player;
                  COORD *   m_Monsters;
                  int       m_MonstersNumber;
                 CGame (ConLib * Console);
                 ~CGame ();
                 void ShowSplash (void);
                 void ShowMenu (void);
                 void ShowGame (void);
                 void ShowWon (void);
                 void ShowLostLife (void);
                 void ShowLost (void);
                 void ShowExit (void);
                 void Show (void);
                 void ProcessSplash (void);
                 void ProcessMenu (void);
                 void ProcessGame (void);
                 void ProcessWon (void);
                 void ProcessLostLife (void);
                 void ProcessLost (void);
                 void ProcessExit (void);
                 void ProcessTurn (void);
                 void Process (void);
                 void SetConsole (ConLib * Console);
                 void StartNewGame (int Difficulty);
                 void EndGame (void);
                 void CheckCollisions ();
                 int GetAction (void);
                 int GetStatus (void);
                 void MoveMonsters (void);
    }; <---Error points me to this line
    In file included from Game.cpp
    multiple types in one declaration
    [Build Error] [Game.o] Error 1

    I have no idea what is going wrong.
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    enum GameDifficulty
    Is missing its closing ;
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