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    Arrays in-depth

    Are there any amazing array tutorials that cover them in depth?


    Anyone know an easier way, other than copying and pasting and declaring a hundred variables, to code that? Arrays, maybe? Suggestions are appreciated.

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    one thing i noticed.. at the end of each case.. you ask the user if the would like to do more math.. instead of repeating this block of code for each case.. you should probably make a function call to perhaps something like user_prompt_again( ); for example.
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    Thumbs up Arrays In-Depth/Simiplified Code

    Thank you, I'll give it a try.

    Edit: I changed the 'More Math' thing to a function. is the new thing. Any more suggestions wouuld be fine.

    Also, how could I make it where they could type the ammount of numbers they want to use in their problem?

    And still, any help with the in-depth array tutorial?
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