I'm using BCB 6 in a Windows environment.

I'm trying to create a DLL that includes the following file:

Here's the beginning of the directions I've found for creating
the dll I need:

1) First paste the code at the end of this post into a file called cfxapid.pas (it's the Delphi wrapper written by Leonid Fofanov)
2) Include this file into your DLL project (it will autocreate a .hpp file for you)
3) In the .cpp file which you put your ProcessTagRequest function, include the cfxapid.hpp file

I add cfxapid.pas to the project. In the .cpp code, I've tried including cfxapid.hpp, but Borland cannot find it. I'm guessing that
it is not autocreating the .hpp file.

Does anyone have any suggestions?