I'm using Borland C++ V3 on Windows XP

I need to create a DLL that can be integrated into Coldfusion easily. Visual C++ has a ColdFusion Wizard, but I need to
use Borland. Here is what I found on Macromedia's site (I've gotten through a few of the steps):

1) First paste the code at the end of this post into a file called cfxapid.pas (it's the Delphi wrapper written by Leonid Fofanov)

- I did this, however I'm new to programming and not sure if this works because I do not know anything about Delphi. Is Delphi included/work with Borland 3.0?

2) Include this file into your DLL project (it will autocreate a .hpp file for you)

Added include file to project

3) In the .cpp file which you put your ProcessTagRequest function, include the cfxapid.hpp file

Added include to .cpp file

4) you need to declare the ProcessRequestFunction as:
void __cdecl ProcessTagRequest( TCFXRequest* pRequest )
Declared the ProcessRequestFunction as above

5) export the function like this:
extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) void __cdecl ProcessTagRequest(TCFXRequest *Request);
Not sure what they mean by export the function. Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? I tried searching Google, but its too broad.

6) BCB will actually export the function as _ProcessTagRequest, so don't forget to put the leading '_' when you declare the entry point when you register the cfx_tag in the ColdFusion administrator.

Believe I did this when I declared the function

They tested with BCB 5 and CFMX 6.1, so I'm hoping it works with Borland 3.0

Any help is greatly appreciated.