Thread: File I/O Problem

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    File I/O Problem

    When I try to open a file it says it doesn't exist, but it really does though..

    Reader( string fileToRead );

    // To simplify the implementation, the user may either call "getLine" but
    // not "hasAnotherOpenAngledBracket" and "getToken" OR
    // call "hasAnotherOpenAngledBracket" and "getToken" but not "getLine".

    // Reads the next input line and stores it in "line". It returns ture
    // if "read" did not return eof. Otherwise, it returns false.

    #include <string>
    #include "Reader.hpp"
    // Copy the contents of "inputFileName" to standard output.
    // This program demonstrates the use of "Reader" and its
    // function, "getLine".
    int main( int argc, char *argv[] )
            if ( argc != 2 ) {
                    cout<< "usages: "<< argv[0] <<" <filename>\n\n";
     Reader reader(argv[1]);
    return 0;
    #include <iostream>
    #include "Reader.hpp"
    #include <fstream>
    using namespace std;
    Reader::Reader( string fileToRead)
       ifstream inFile;
         cout << "Error: " << fileToRead  << " does not exitst!" << endl;

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    Quote Originally Posted by gqchynaboy
    When I try to open a file it says it doesn't exist, but it really does though..
    Ah -- but does it exist in the current working directory? Try entering the full path to the file on the command-line when you run the program. will not search your hard drive for you to find the file, it either wants the full path or wants the file in the program's current working directory.

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    That code is attempting to open a file called "fileToRead" and is ignoring the input parameter of the same name. Whatever you are adding to the comand line is being ignored. It should be:;

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