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    So, I'm new to C++, and am looking for a good book to start with. Is there a book out there that's best for someone like me?

    Just kidding. I want to get a degree in Computer Science, with the intent of becoming a (professional) programmer/software architect. I am looking for opinions on two things:

    1) Does anyone know of any schools near the Milwaukee (or SE Wisconsin) area whose Computer Science programs are better that others?

    2) I have a BS in mathematics. If UW - Milwaukee is the best (or only) choice in the area, I have two options. I can earn a second BS degree, or I can enter the BS degree program, and once I have 'proved' myself to the CS faculty, can apply to the graduate program and work on my MS instead. I can't apply to the graduate program right away, I don't have enough CS credit from my math degree. In any case, how much more useful is a master's in CS as opposed to the BS? I mean this as related to employability; is it a real asset? I think I can complete the BSCS program in 2 years-ish (there is a ceiling on transferred credits), but the MSCS option will be more like four (give or take). I just don't know if it's worth the extra time and $$. I know that this is a choice I don't have to make now; I can start with the BS (since I have to anyway) and decide once I get going, but I'd like your opinions.


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    I know one option in the area is the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Sorry I can be of any help with your other questions.

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