Thread: Pulling my hair out!

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    Pulling my hair out!

    I've been to a few Windows API tutorials but i just dont get it.
    i've been going crazy trying to understand what each parameter does with no luck.

    i think i know most of the C++ basics but i cant be sure.

    objects, classes. Most of the basic stuff.

    can anyone recomend a really good tutorial?

    or anything i should study up on before winAPI?

    help would be appreciated.

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    ive been referred here quite a few times.... but i realized i need to learn more of my basics... good tutorial though
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    heh thats the one i keep getting reffered to...

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    One of the most detailed win32 tutorials I've seen out there. This set of articles explains the significance of every single letter in every program. Not C++ by any means, explores a little C++ window wrapper, but certainly requires very little in depth knowledge of anything. Basic knowledge of structures, functions, reading comprehension could be prerequisites, but you could even BS those skills with those walkthroughs.

    You know, almost any result you get from:
    will be a informative.

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