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    im not copying...Im trying to get some help. As you can see I did some of the code already...i just need some help.

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    You declared variables. You obviously wrote this code in a rush since you spelt 'return' wrong. And you admittedly "had no idea what you were doing". The code you wrote had very little to do with what you've obviously been learning if you were given that assignment.

    And just FYI, you're using the old standard of C++. In the newer standard, standard header files do not have the '.h' extension, and header files that are also in the C standard library need to be preceded with a 'c' (though you may not be using these very much). You also need to use namespaces - the simplest way to do this until you start using your own namespaces (which will be a while...) is to just add the line, "using namespace std;" after you include all your header files.

    edit: Closed, as the thread is going nowhere and the question has been answered. If anybody would like to add anything or has further issues, PM myself or another mod and the thread can be reopened or your questions answered.

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