Thread: classes and overloading constructors

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    classes and overloading constructors


    i have a class with the data types i need.

    so far i've implemented the = operator which takes the items in the right side and sets it in the left side.

    so in the main if i said:
    CD1 = CD2;
    then all the members of CD2 are copied to CD1. i think it's called a copy constructor.

    however, now my question pertains to another constructor.

    if i want to initialize an integer and set it equal to 5, then i can say:
    int var = 5;
    int var("5");

    how can i do this? what type of operator do i have to overload if that's what i have to do?


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    You learned copy constructors first? Pretty wierd. Well, initializations like int var(5) is the constructor type that I learned first. Here's a few examples of different constructors.

    class Foo
    	Foo() : iVar(0) { std::cout << iVar; }
    	Foo(const int a) : iVar(a) { std::cout << iVar; }
    	Foo(const char* a) : iVar(atoi(a)) { std::cout << iVar; }
    	Foo(const Foo& a) : iVar(a.iVar) { std::cout << iVar; }
    	const int iVar;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    	Foo fooa;        // Foo()
    	Foo foob(5);     // Foo(const int a)
    	Foo fooc("6");   // Foo(const char* a)
    	Foo food = fooa; // Foo(const Foo& a)
    	return 0;
    I don't know if you were aware but saying Foo fooc("6"); passes a char*, double quoted items are treated as strings so I used atoi in the Foo(const char* a). I don't even know if I addressed your question correctly. No operator overloading, but constructor overloading here.

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    Be carefull, this demonstrates the copy constructor:
    TypeX CD2;
    TypeX CD1 = CD2;  // Copy constructor called here
    This however is the assignment operator:
    TypeX CD2;
    TypeX CD1;
    CD1 = CD2;  // Assignment operator called here
    This is because the first example above gets translated into this:
    TypeX CD2;
    TypeX CD1(CD2);  // Copy constructor called
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