Thread: undefined reference(new standards have me lost)

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    undefined reference(new standards have me lost)

    I have been messing around with C++ for awhile but in a class room setting and apparently the things that they are doing there are VERY WRONG!!
    The code I have is simple, but I get [Linker error]undefined reference to Selection(char) when I compile.

      #import <iostream>
      #import "guitar.h"
      using namespace std;
      //function prototypes
      char Selection(char choice);
      int ESection();
      int main()
        //declare variables
        char choice;
        cout<<"\n\n";    //print 2 blank lines
        cout<<head << "\n\n" << head2;
        choice = Selection(choice);
    my header:
      using namespace std;
      char Selection()
        //declare variables
        char select;
        //This function display a list of choices to the user
        cout<<"Please select a category: \n\n";
        cout<<"E Section                 A#/Bb Section\n";
        cout<<"F Section                 B Section\n";
        cout<<"F#/Gb Section         C Section\n";
        cout<<"G Section                 C#/DB Section\n";
        cout<<"G#/Ab Section         D Section\n";
        cout<<"A Section                 D#/Eb Section\n";
        cout<<"Enter: ";
        return select;
    A kick in the right direction would be great. I read posts here and googled it but I am still unsure of what the solution is.

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    1. Take that function out of the header file and put it in either *.cpp file. The Selection in the header file is not the same as prototyped in the *.cpp file -- look at the parameter differences.

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    STUPID mistake!!!!

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    Also the prototype declaration: char Selection(char choice); goes in the *.h
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