Thread: MS Visual C++ 6.0 bug?

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    MS Visual C++ 6.0 bug?

    I am finding that adding or subtracting "one" to a pointer is actually adding the number of bytes that is allocated to the pointer type. To find the next value in memory, I thought I should add the number of bytes to the pointer:

    //should be next variable in memory?
    pointer = pointer + sizeof(pointer);

    but that was skipping over data. I found when I add "one":

    pointer++; //this works, but shouldn't?

    then I got the data I wanted (in this case, 8 bytes forward).

    This should display the memory address of one array element, and then you'll see that the next output is 8 bytes more.

    Maybe this is supposed to be the way it works, but I don't think so...

    void main() 
        double        m_dValue[10];
        double       *m_pValue;
        CString size;
        m_pValue = & m_dValue[0];
        //this shows address "6618360" on my PC
        //this shows address "6618368" on my PC

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    ...beginning to see how that works. Thanks for the good "google" key

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    check the faq to see why void main is wrong

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    If you are just learning C or C++ languages, VC++ 6.0 is NOT a good compiler to use because it does not support many of the current ISO standards -- it is a very very old compiler. A better compiler to use for learning is Dev-C++ which you can download free at But it too is not fully standard compliant.

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