Thread: What does this code segment do?

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    What does this code segment do?

    "You need to provide a makefile so that I can compile and run your program using the following commands:

    ./crossReference.x theNameOfAnInputFile"

    So what does this code fragment actually do? It check what arguments?

    int main (int argc, char * argv[])
    if (argc !=2)
    {cout << "NOT SUFFICENT ARGUMENTS \n";

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    When you call a program from the command-line, you can often specify options after writing the program's name, and the program can then use this information to act accordingly. argc is the number of arguments supplied, and argv is an array of char pointers to the arguments themselves. The code above checks the value of argc, and if it isn't equal to two, tells you there weren't sufficient arguments. Even better than this, is if it would check if there were less than two, or more than two.

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    That program checks the argument counts. The arguments its looking at are from when you either 1) run the file from command prompt and give it arguments, ie. if you've ever read, "go to command prompt and type c:\blah\blah\filename.exe -i -s -m", or in the case of Diablo II you would make a shortcut and go to properties and change the path to "C:\Program Files\Diablo II\" -fullscreen -32bit. What its doing is looking for commands you might have given the .exe file itself in either command prompt or file properties, and those commands are processed in your program if you want.. using argv, you can say if argv[1] == "fullscreen" .. do this, etc. Another explanation by Major_small because its recent, or you could search google,

    First argument is the filename and sometimes path, that ones looking for 2, so it must be expecting argv[1] to contain a command, so you'd have to run it in command prompt and give it a command, Command Prompt-> C:\filename.exe commandhere.
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