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    Smile Value returning function

    Can someone explain a value - returning function
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    You should by enlightening us on what differs ebtween a value returning funciton and any other function.

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    In your function just "return value;"

    Your function has to be of the type you wish to return.

    Then simply do everything you want your function to do, and end it with:

    Return (whatever you want);

    Return 5;
    Return 5*5;
    Return (5*variable);
    return variable_name;

    Are all valid.

    You can have multiple if statements and each one has a ‘return XXX;’ and your function will end when it returns those.

    When you call that function in your program, say it returns the integer of 5.

    temp = ( 5* function_name());

    Would be the same as

    temp = (5*5);

    Your question changed by the time I hit reply and post....

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    You understood what I was looking for.

    I changed my question to try and clarify what I was looking for. When you are new to C++ it is hard to even know how to phrase your questions to get the answers you are looking for.

    Thanks for your reply

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