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    Edit: Solved, thanks, delete if you want to

    I'm doing an assignment in which I have 2 stacks, one for numbers and the other for operators. Both stacks are of the same class and have to both be ints, so when I push an operator in to the Op class, It has to be converted from character to an Int value. The char's for Op are - + * / and %. I'm sure this is something elementary that I've missed, or forgotten. Could someone help with this obstacle?
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    Um do you want a simple cast?
    char c = '%';
    //c++ cast
    int a = static_cast<char>(c);
    //or C-style cast...
    a = (char)c;
    Although I don't see why it has to be an int, but whatever.
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    thanks alot, ill read more ab out how static_cast works, just antoher knid of typecasting right?

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