Thread: Function - class ambiguity

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    Function - class ambiguity

    Two questions:
    1. I compiled my program and it worked but died when I ran it.

    I have several lines of code in the same main code block that read something like:
    nsWordParse::csWord_Parse WP;
    rval = WP.initialize_vector(parm1);
    nsOtherNamespace::csOtherClass1 OC1;
    rval = OC1.initialize_vector(parm1, parm2);
    For whatever reason, if I right-click over "initialize_vector" of any of the above lines, I get a popup box listing all my "initialize_vector" functions from three different classes - each in a different namespace.

    My question is how can it be ambigious when I'm specifying a namespace and a class?

    Oh, I'm in MSVC++ 6.0

    Question 2.
    In MSVC++ 6.0,
    I have lines similar to :
    std::string reallylongstr;
    reallylongstr = passed_parm;
    //set counters
    	while (!isalpha(reallylongstr[counter]) && (counter <= maxlen))
    				tempword = tempword + (*p).substr(counter, 1);
    I get "Error: overloaded operator not found." I try reallylongstr[2] in my watch window and get the same error.


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