Thread: I need a hint.

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    I need a hint.

    How would I get this to work?

    DISCUSSION: Use the fstream library and the class types, ifstream and ofstream, to declare input and output files. Control the input loop with eof(). During each pass through the loop your program will read an ID and zero to four lap times for each race car. The lap times are terminated with a -1. Your program must read in the lap times by nesting a sentinel (looking for -1) controlled loop inside the eof controlled loop. If a racecar did not complete four laps, it wrecked or had mechanical problems.

    INPUT: The input file is named "race1.dat" The data file consists of an unknown number of racecar entries organized so that the information for each vehicle displays an ID number and zero to four lap times measured in seconds. The end of the lap times is marked with a “-1”. The following sample file illustrates how the data are organized. The file is terminated with a hidden <eof> character sequence.

    -1 <eof>

    OUTPUT: Your program should generate an output file called “race1.out". Remember to label your output. Example:

    Vehicle ID Average Speed (Mph) Status
    345676 182.3 Mph Qualified
    456671 _ DNF

    using namespace std;
    const int sentinel = -1;
    int main(){
    int numin;
    ifstream input;
    ofstream out;
    const int eof = -1;
    int id;
    int l1;
    int l2;
    int l3;
    int l4;
    int race[4];
    race[0] = id;
    race[1] = l1;
    race[2] = l2;
    race[3] = l3;
    race[4] = l4;"race1.dat");"raceresults.txt");
    out << "Vehicle Id     Average Speed (Mph)     Status" << endl;
    out << "*********************************************" << endl;
    int i = 0;
    for (i=0; i>30; i++){
    while (!input.eof())
    input >> numin >> race[0];
    //input >> numin >> race[1];
    //input >> numin >> race[2];
    //input >> numin >> race[3];
    //input >> numin >> race[4]; 
      while (numin != sentinel);
    cout << race[0] << endl;
    //cout << race[1] << endl;
    //cout << race[2] << endl;
    //cout << race[3] << endl;
    //cout << race[4] << endl;
    out << race[0] << endl;
    //out << race[1] << endl;
    //out << race[2] << endl;
    //out << race[3] << endl;
    //out << race[4] << endl;
    return 0;

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    Well what part are you having trouble with? From what I read all you need to do is read the contents of a file in and every time there is a -1 increment a variable and if that variable doesn't equal 4 then it crashed or whatever, and the output needs to be just some of the things you read into memory? That shouldn't be too hard, maybe try a little bit and you could get it.
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    Read the FAQ to see why you should never use eof() to control an input loop. The correct way of doing it is also shown there.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    int id;
    int l1;
    int l2;
    int l3;
    int l4;
    int race[4];
    race[0] = id;
    race[1] = l1;
    race[2] = l2;
    race[3] = l3;
    race[4] = l4;
    Um, you know that id and l1 and l3 etc are undefined?
    for (i=0; i>30; i++){
    That will loop exactly zero times.

    Why is race an aray?

    Read the FAQ to see why you should never use eof() to control an input loop.
    I agree. It's right here.

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    This looks like it's for a programming competition question. USACO, AIO, etc.

    With those ones they're not looking at good programming techniques, rather at the way you solve it. Yes, you shouldn't use eof(), but that's what they want you to use, so you risk getting marked wrong if you don't.

    Anyway, 1. Why have you included string, iomanip and conio? With the stuff you've used all you need is fstream and iostream.

    for (i=0; i>30; i++){
    Looks like a typo, should be
    for (i=0; i<30; i++){
    3. Remember that when you write a new value to a variable (including in an array) it overwrites anything already in it, so if you haven't stored it elsewhere, outputted it, or done anthything with it then it's lost, so I hope you didn't need it (hint, think lap times and +=)

    4. In the output file it shows average speed (I'm guessing), however the only input is seconds for each lap, and we're not told how long each lap is, how are you supposed to get the speed?

    5. What exactly is the problem you're having? The code is clearly wrong, but what in particular did you need help with? And don't say all of it, please.

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