Thread: String/Char* Problem in GMP

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    String/Char* Problem in GMP

    I am using the GMP multiple precison package.

    I need to input very large integers as strings, for example
    will set x to that large integer in quotes (10 gives the base.)

    I want to be able to have the user enter the value, so I did something like:
    #include <string>
    #include <gmpxx.h> // GMP
    string num;
    std::cin >> num;
    but this causes g++ to give the following error:
    error: cannot convert `std::string' to `const char*' for argument `2' to `int __gmpz_init_set_str(__mpz_struct*, const char*, int)'

    Any ideas how to input a data type that will work?

    I am using Ubuntu on an AMD64.


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    You need to use the c_str() member function, e.g. num.c_str()
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    nevermind i seriously need to start paying attention
    when i know im half asleep
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    Quickest problem solution ever.


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    plz elaborate

    Laser light

    Could you please elaborate on the use of c_srt() function?

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