I'm working on Windows XP and using Borland 3.0

I was handed down a program that doesn't work and asked to fix it. I have little experience in C++, but have been slowly chipping away at the problem.

I get the following error when I compile the program:

EDatabaseError with message 'Field 'ApplicationFreqUnits' is not of the expected type.

I have been told this program quit working 2 years ago when there were some updates to the database. That's all the information I have to go on.

Anyway, I'm guessing that I have to change the dataype in the C++ code for ApplicationFreqUnits.

Is this correct?

Next, I need to find out where this datatype is set. There are *.res, and *.dfm files along with the *.cpp and *.h files. I'm assuming this dataype would be set in the *.cpp files.

Is this correct?