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    Grabbing HTML


    Im new to C/C++ and Im not sure how to approch this,

    At work every so often I need to review a log file displayed to me in an html table, and look through it for certain things, however this log is not sorted! (and I do not have any access to the server).

    I would like to save myself some time, and make a small program to download the file, sort it, and display what is relevant to me in the correct order.

    Sorting it is straight forward if I can get it into a string, but how do I download/grab the html?

    Im not really sure exactly what Im looking for here, and my searching hasn't been very rewarding as a result.

    Do you know of any straight forward ways to approch this?
    (Any url's or tiny examples much appreciated!)

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    You require sockets/network programming.

    A good tutorial exists here:

    For windows specific(WINSOCK) you can read this:

    Windows specific again, higher level programming interfaces exist such as:
    (requires .NET framework)

    In summary, google for "network programming" "socket programming" "winsock".


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    wget (or another URL grabbing tool of your choice - there are several) to get the HTML
    perl to munch the file looking for things which interest you.

    Doing the whole thing in C++ would be tedious, unless that's the whole point of the exercise (learning).
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    Thank you!, my mistake was assuming there would be an easier way then sockets.

    For future reference if anyone wants to do this, I have found the easiest way to be following Salems advice and using WGET to fetch the html, so it can then be processed locally.

    There is a windows port of WGET with C source here:

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