Thread: Convert string to char[200]

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    Convert string to char[200]

    How can I convert a string to char[200]?

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    Use the std::string c_str() member, to return a char*. More info:

    You should always check the reference pages.

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    Heres a post found about it using google, fourth on the list when searching: string to char c++

    The poster gives his version to convert it saying x line isnt working, then at the bottom of the page someone gives the solution line.
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    Why do you think you need to convert a string to char[200]? There's a good chance you don't.

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    You you specifically want an array as in char x[200]; to be filled, you can use the std::copy subroutine provided by the <algorithm> header. E.g.

    #include <algorithm>
    #include <string>
    int main() {
        std::string s("Hello!");
        char x[200];
        *(std::copy(s.begin(), s.end() - s.begin() < 200 ? s.end() : s.begin() + 199, x)) = 0;
    This code makes sure that no more than 199 elements are copied, leaving room for the null terminator and assigning it. You should only use c_str() if you intend on only using the returned read-only char* before your next non-const member function on s -- so that makes it only good for short-term use, like functions or methods that expect char*s. You could use strncpy on the c_str, but that's no better than std::copy. In fact, it might be worse because at least one implementation of c_str() that I vaguely remember reading about copies the contents of the string into a separate buffer.
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