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    CTreeCtrl horizontal scrollbar

    hi does anybdoy know how to disable the horizontal scrollbar of the CTreeCtrl i have searched everywhere and didnt find an answer on msdn says:
    "TVS_NOHSCROLL Version 5.80. Disables horizontal scrolling in the control. The control will not display any horizontal scroll bars."

    but how to use the 5.80 version ? i really need this disabled please

    edit: solved using ModifyStyle(0, 0x8000);
    now the only problem i still have is when i create a modeless dialog window in double click event of the ctreectrl the ctreectrl gets focus after the dialog is showed how is that possible and is there a way to fix this ?

    solved using PostMessage(WM_SETFOCUS);
    lol never knew theres a difference between SetForegroundWindow, SetFocus() and that
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