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    Unhappy dynamic array

    im new to this so,
    what is the code for dynamic array?

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    See this?
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    Good, now click the "search", and type in "dynamic array"
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    >> what is the code for dynamic array?

    In C++, you use a vector for dynamic arrays.

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    what the code for a vector?

    *** sorry just anticipating his next question.

    bah i might as well answer it then.

    make sure to include

    #include <vector>

    a couple types of vector would be

    vector<string> //require string header

    you can also create your own types for it.

    to add element to a vector you can do

    vector<string> vecOFstrings;
    vecOFstrings.push_back("this is a string"); //you can also push_back by a variable

    there are many things you can do just do a search on vectors,
    you can also use iterators they help you from going out
    of the array ( vectors ) bounds.
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