Thread: Turning a varible into a global.

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    Question Turning a varible into a global.

    void make(hwnd HWND) 
    int nVarry = 90;
    void read(hwnd HWND)
    if(nVarry == 90)
    But, sense nVarry was declared inside of a function, a different function cannot read nVarry. So my question is, how can I make a varible (in this case 'nVarry') become a global varible so that it can be read through out the whole app, and not just inside of the brackets that it was created in?

    Thanks in advance, August.

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    Well, there are usually better methods than creating global variables, but to create one, you simply need to declare it outside the scope of any functions/classes. So, at the top of your file (generally below header includes -- stylistic issue), just declare it: 'int nVarry;'.

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    You don't wan tto make it global, why don't yo upass nVarry to each of the functions? Or make those functions members of a class and nVarry a member of it?

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